End of Quarter Reflection

Although I had doubts about the 1 on1 online learning, as time passed I felt much more comfortable learning from power points, using triple A text books, taking quiz’s, and updating assignments on to my personal econ blog. This has allowed me to have easy access to look up key terms I wasn’t very familiar with and look at other peoples blog’s to learn from them and discover what I need to focus more.

I have learned that I am a huge procrastinator and checking the website to see my due dates has become a vital aspect in keeping myself on track. My goal for this year is to read as much economic news and become familiar with key terms and be able to use them in my evaluation. This will not only help me write better commentaries but as an overall economist. 🙂


~ by scioneconblog on October 28, 2009.

2 Responses to “End of Quarter Reflection”

  1. My parents are happy about the overall course.
    They had major concerns about how laptops would
    cause a serious distractions, however that does not
    seem the problem at all.

    scion’s parents

  2. Scion, you have set yourself a very good goal and I am sure that as you achieve it you will see your understanding of economics grow tremendously. I am also happy with your progress in the class.

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