1:1 Computing Class B

Initial Thoughts

Well, its been a couple of weeks since I started to be a part of this new system and I’m seeing ups and downs. Its been great leaving the textbook at home, and learning through power points and the Triple A online textbook. It allows me have a quick access to the class schedule and keeps me organized to the up coming lessons. However, I would like to have more lessons where the teacher calls on the students to explain their ideas on the board.


I do not think its going to be that much a problem as most people are borrowing the schools computers and people who have been bringing theirs are extra careful about it. Moreover, students who bring their individual laptops for the most part live relatively close to the school.


The teacher has told us to close the computer whenever he is giving a lesson and I think it has been working. Furthermore, even if the students do happen to fool around during class, it just becomes more homework they will have to do that night. To be honest, anything can cause distraction, I think it is fine how it is.


~ by scioneconblog on September 8, 2009.

One Response to “1:1 Computing Class B”

  1. I am very pleased about this course, and I hope this new
    system will let my son excel in economics. However, I agree that there should be more interactions with the teacher and students.

    Scion’s parents

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